NCT127 Hits a Major Milestone with 1.32 Million Sticker Pre-order Copies

The hot-selling ‘Sticker’

NCT127 is preparing to launch their latest album by 17th September 2021. The album went on sale for pre-order and crowned NCT127 with another major milestone.

The Korean boy band sold over a 1.32 million stock pre-order copies of their upcoming album ‘sticker’ within 24 hours only. This achievement is the bands personal best record to date.

With their popularity growing day by day, Like their previous album ‘Neo Zone’ sticker is also expected to become a million-seller album.

The upcoming album Sticker is the band’s third full-length album to be released. Going by the pre-order response fans are thrilled and excited as ever.

NCT 127 is a sub unit of the korean boy band NCT. The band is currently represented by SM entertainment and was formed in 2016 and has ten members. Taeil, Yuta, Johnny, Winwin, Mark, Haechan, Do young, Taeyong , Jungwoo and Jaehyun are the ten members of the band.

credit : Smtown | Instagram

They make music across hip hop , R & B and K-pop genres.


Sticker has already sold 1.32 million stock copies pre -release. Stock pre orders refers to the album stock that is produced before the release of the album itself.

This is calculated by using the estimated demand and depends on various different factors. The number of copies ordered by the fans plays a role in the calculation too.

Fans are already calling NCT127 the next big thing in Korean pop music. Other fans were glad that the album didn’t go out of stock even after selling a million copies. Meanwhile, others commented how happy they were that NCT127 were able to hit this legendary milestone.

credit : smtown | Instagram

The album ‘sticker’ has 11 songs including the title track sticker. It will officially roll out on 17th September 2021 at 1pm Korean standard time.

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