Netflix Announces Another Heist Series Based on True Events

Netflix’s latest big heist series

Once again, Netflix is bringing us another heist series. Following the money heist series’ success. It will be interesting to see how “Jigsaw” turns out. It retells the story of the biggest heist in human history over the course of 24 years. As of now, the announcement has received positive responses from fans with excitement.

In addition to the eight episodes, there is also a “non-linear” and “interactive” approach that covers a wide time span. Moreover, we will still have the chance to see a movie or series focusing on events afterward.

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Jigsaw: A 70 billion dollar robbery

Netflix describes as ” based on the true story about 70$ billion worth of bonds going missing from Manhattan during Hurricane Sandy”. Jigsaw is currently filming in Brooklyn. Additionally, it opened just this month. Consequently, Jigsaw is a series that is the first one filmed there. In response, Netflix pledged $100 million to the series.

However, more details and release date expected to announce soon. Executive producers are Ridley Scott, David Zucker, and Jordan Sheehan of Scott Free Productions. Together with Justin Levy and Russell Fine from Automatik Entertainment.

Additionally, Paz Vega, Peter Kendall (The Americans), Rosaline Elbay (Ramy). With Niousha Noor (Here and Now) stars. Finally, Jose Padilha (Narcos) will direct the first two episodes of the series. Furthermore, episodes created and executive produced by Eric Garcia (Netflix’s Alexa & Katie).

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Characters perfectly described

An announcement of the main cast follows. Recently, the names and descriptions of the characters were announced.

  • Giancarlo Esposito as Leo Pap: Leo is a thought leader with a strong sense of purpose, a great sense of math, and an engineer’s mind.
  • Paz Vega as Ava Mercer: An incredibly passionate person who will do anything for those closest to her.
  • Rufus Sewell as Roger Salas: A thief now working as a top security expert, Roger is a salesman with a knack for influencing people.
  • Tati Gabrielle as Hannah Kim: She will have to use all her skills to get out of a low-lying crime situation as she flows between the worlds of high finances.
  • Peter Mark Kendall as Stan Loomis: An amiable small-time smuggler full of ambition and a hopeless romantic at heart.
  • Rosaline Elbay as Judy Goodwin: A quirky spitfire, sarcastic and clever enough to keep her mistakes in check.
  • Jai Courtney as Bob Goodwin: Bob is attractive and intelligent enough to be a threat when he’s on the hunt for anything.
  • Niousha Noor as Nazan Abassi: FBI Agent Nazan Abassi is a force to reckon with.

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