Netflix Brings a Halloween Set Up “Netflix and Chills” Featuring Elvira

Every Sunday will be horror and spooky with Elvira

Halloween is coming and so as the new Halloween shows by Netflix are making their way. The hot streaming website has announced another show in the October queue. The newly announced show is obviously based on a Halloween theme. Of course, anyone could have hosted it but not better than Elvira. Almost eleven new titles will be premiering every Wednesday on Netflix. But now, Elvira would deliver special prescriptions through ‘Netflix and Chills’ every Sunday of the month.

Netflix and Chills is another addition to the list that already includes Fear Street films, Night books (with Krysten Ritter), and the most awaited Midnight Mass. Like every Halloween, Netflix makes sure to cover our Halloween every year no matter if the shows even scare the hell out of us and we might even keep the lights on at the night.

Elvira joins Netflix for “Netflix & Chills” to celebrate their spooky celebration

In the promotional video, Elvira says that horror and thrillers are good for one’s health. She would be playing the role of very much unsettling therapist and Netflix has no choice but to agree with her. Elvira is kind of now an expert in horrifying audiences for years. She has been doing it since 1981 and her first show was “Elvira’s Movie Macabre.” Therefore, she automatically becomes the best choice Netflix could choose.

Netflix & Chills
Credit: Netflix | YouTube

What other shows are on the list for October?

Well, other then Netflix And Chills, the October line-up also includes Scaredy Cats, A Tale Dark & Grimm, Sharkdog’s Fintastic Halloween, Escape the Undertaker, You, Locke & Key, There’s Someone Inside Your House, Fever Dreams, Night Teeth, and Hypnotic.

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