Netflix has Dropped Latest Updates for the Mike Flanagan Series

Flanagan’s Midnight Mass is currently streaming on Netflix

Mike Flanagan continues his deal with Netflix to serve horror and paranormal content. His next big adaptation will be The Midnight Club. Based on the best-selling novel by Christopher Pike, this will be the fifth Netflix Original series by Flanagan.

The production houses are Intrepid Pictures and Field House Productions. The project was first announced by Variety in May 2020.

The story and cast

Cast of The Midnight Club

The Midnight Club is one among many standalone novels by Pike. Some of his best works include Remember Me, Die Softly, Whisper of Death, and The Return.

The Midnight Club came out in 1994 and its first cover managed the audience to greatly underestimate the novel. It gave off a cheesy 90s young adult horror vibe, the kind R.L. Stine writes about. But the contents were far more darker and sinister. Here’s a brief explanation of the story:

Rotterdam Home is a nursing home for terminally ill teenagers. The teenagers decide to create a secret club, where they can meet at midnight and share horror stories. They form a pact, that whoever does first must make an effort to contact the others from the afterlife.

The cast members who had been in a Mike Flanagan project includes Matt Biedel, Annarah Cymone, Zach Gilford, and Igby Rigney. They are also starring in Midnight Mass. The new members include Adia, Ruth Codd, Aya Furukawa, Heather Lagenkamp, Sauriyan Sapkota, William Chris Sumpter, Iman Benson, and Larsen Thompson.

Release date

Midnight Club BTS

The official release date is not out as of yet. But Flanagan’s projects usually arrive in the September/ October period, to headline Netflix’s Halloween releases. Therefore, we can expect it to arrive in September or October 2022.

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