Netflix Has Finally Set The Core Cast Of “Avatar: The Last Airbender””

Drum Rolls!!! Netflix has set the core cast of the upcoming live-action series remake

3 years ago Netflix announced that they would be making a remake of the live-action series Avatar. The production was set to begin in 2019. Michael Dante and Bryan Konietzko both revealed that they are no more a major part of the remake. Earlier, in 2019 it was decided that they would be producer and showrunners respectively.

Avatar: The last airbender
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The progress of the series has been at its lowest for the last three years. However, fans are esxpecting that after setting the main core, Netflix would increase the pace of the progress of “Avatar”.

The core cast of “Avatar: The Last Airbender”

After Michael Dante and Bryan Konietzko leaving from the series, the Netflix team brought Albert Kim. The “Sleepy Hollow” writer will be the showrunner, producer, and writer of the show. Along with him, Lindsey Liberatore, Michael Goi, and Roseanne Liang will also executively co-produce the show. Roseanne Liang is also directing the series alongside Jabbar Raisani.

Cormier is set to portray Ang’s life, a 12-year bold who is suppose to be Avatar. He is a playful boy who is the keeper of balance and peace. Kiawntiio will be seen as Katara who happens to be waterbender. She is just a teenager who is warm and has a very calm soul. Ian Ousley will be seen as Sokka who is Katara’s 16-year-old brother. He is confident, smart, and a responsible human being. Last but not the least, Liu is seen as Zuko who is a consummate firebender and guarded Crown Prince of the Fire Nation.

When Will “Avatar: The Last Airbender” release?

According to various reports, the series will most probably flip out in November 2022. In fact, if the series’ production work is more delayed, then we might get to see this series in spring 2023.

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