Netflix is Coming with Live-action Series of the Popular Anime this November

The undeniable success of Cowboy Bebop

Cowboy Bebop, the influential and popular anime series, will soon be adapted as a live-action series from Netflix. November 19 will mark the debut of live action. In contrast, Netflix released some of the first images from the show. Giving viewers a sense of what to expect from a show based on a very popular animated show. Among Japan’s critics and the public, Cowboy Bebop has achieved widespread commercial success.

Nevertheless, the series has won numerous awards in the fields of animation and science fiction, and its characters, plot, and soundtrack have all received recognition. Since the series first aired in 1997, many critics have identified it as one of the best anime series of all time.

Cowboy Bepop
Credit: Netflix

A dream cast and a hardworking crew

Spike Spiegel, the lead character in the series, is portrayed by actor John Cho (Star Trek). In addition to Alex Hassell (Suburbicon), Daniella Pineda (Jurassic World), and Mustafa Shakir (Luke Cage), the series will also feature other actors. Projects like this were already very early when they were canned with a tentative 2011 release date.

In addition, numerous original series creators were hired as associate consultants. Keanu Reeves was billed as Spike Spiegel in a screenplay by Peter Craig.

However, there was a cost overrun, which led to the project being canceled. In June 2017, Tomorrow studios and Midnight Radio announced a live action TV series. The show has been ordered for a first season of 10 episodes, but Netflix could order a second season if it does well.

Cowboy Bepop
Credit: Netflix

Space Cowboys for life

In 2071, an experimental gate device that allows for hyperspace travel accidentally explodes, seriously damaging the Moon. This resulted in a rogue swarm of meteorites and asteroids bombarding the surface of the Earth. Many of its people were wiped out as a result. After leaving Earth, the survivors colonized other habitable systems, such as Mars, Venus, the asteroid belt, and Jupiter’s satellites.

Many of these planets, including Mars, where humans have centred their civilization, have grown to thriving civilizations. To curb criminal activity, a “bounty-reward scheme” similar to the Old West was introduced. Due to this, bounty hunters in the solar system were commonly called “cowboys” and reputed to have infamous reputations depending on who was consulted.

Cowboy Bepop
Credit: Netflix

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