Netflix Launches Top 10 Kids Titles List

Netflix made a big change to its service in 2020 when it debuted the top 10 rankings to the streaming service. Now, after the success of the Netflix Top 10, Netflix is looking to repeat the winning formula on the kids side of its service, by launching the Top 10 Kids Titles List. The new Kids Top 10 rankings will go live on Netflix starting today. Wednesday, July 14th; like the adult version, the top 10 rankings will be tailored to each specific country or region of Netflix service. In addition, Netflix has announced a new newsletter that will go out to parents and guardians.

The “Kids Recap Email” will be sent out twice a month starting on Friday, July 16th, and will use viewing data from kids’ profiles to help give parents and caregivers tips on other sorts of content available that their child might also enjoy. It will also provide thematic charts breaking programming down by subject, as well as printable activities and worksheets based on the content.

Netflix Launches Kids Top 10 Rankings
(Photo: Netflix)

According to Netflix, the new kid-focused services were built based on user feedback from parents and have undergone more than six months of testing within the company, before being rolled out for launch in 93 countries. Netflix users can find the Kids Top 10 on their child’s profile homepage or in the “New & Popular” section of the menu bar. The list will reportedly be updated daily with new rankings, of Netflix content rated PG or lower. Content that makes it into the rankings will also be marked with a “Top 10” badge in search menus, to help distinguish it.

“We’ve seen how Top 10 rows help our members find something to watch, and helping families make the best decisions has always been important to us,” says Jennifer Nieva, director of product innovation at Netflix. She adds that the Kids Top 10 “can help kids and families find something to watch and bring them closer together.”

Netflix first launched its kids profiles section back in 2013, as part of the (then-groundbreaking) update of offering users multiple profiles for a single account. Just this year Netflix gave the kids profile section a new update with “Favorites,” a section of the menu comprised of avatars of the five characters kid watch the most, giving them quicker access to their favorite brands of programming.

Netflix Top 10 Kids rankings are new live on the service.

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