Netflix’s Documentary “Blood Brothers- Malcolm X & Muhammad Ali” will be another Notable Addition

An unheard tale of profound friendship

Netflix witnesses big hits every time a new movie or series is released. One of them is the new upcoming historic documentary “Blood Brothers: Malcolm X & Mohammad Ali.”

As history depicts them as the two iconic figures of the 20th century it is recreated. The documentary is inspired by the 2016 book “Blood Brothers: The Fatal Friendship Between Muhammad Ali & Malcolm X” written by Randy Roberts and Johnny Smith.

Although many know them as a Revolutionary and a Boxer many don’t know the unusual friendship they had. Because of the lack of depth to the story, this documentary will complete it.

Director, Story line and inspiration

The iconic documentary will be directed by Marcus A. Clarke (Unsolved Mysteries, Rapture) and produced by Kenya Barris, Jason Perez.

Muhammad Ali | Blood Brothers- Malcolm X & Muhammad Ali | Netflix | Documentary
instagram/ muhammad ali

Marcus feels that there is no enough depth to the bond that Malcolm and Ali shared. Although both had very different profession and faith, it was like they always stood beside each other.

The story holds about the charismatic Olympic champion and ex-con turned intellectual revolutionary. Because of the society’s inability to abolish inequality, Malcolm X took a stand to speak truth. Whereas Ali was a living example to fight the evils.

Both had a vision and was capable of achieving it. Their contribution to the society still stand in the hearts of the people.

What To Expect?

Once Malcolm’s speech made a lasting impression on Ali. Johnny Smith a historian says, “There was this confidence, this authority that Malcolm had at the podium that day.” Smith also said “and it made a profound impression on young Cassius Clay.”

Muhammad Ali | Blood Brothers- Malcolm X & Muhammad Ali | Netflix | Documentary
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Although Ali turned his back on Malcolm, in 2004 Ali said, “was one of the mistakes that I regret most in my life.” “I wish I’d been able to tell Malcolm I was sorry, that he was right about so many things.” Malcolm stood with a “father’s and brother’s position” beside Ali.

Their friendship reflected religion, faith and ideologies in every aspect of their life. This documentary is promising a blend of history and friendship through their lives.

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