New Fortnite Tease Has OG Fans Excited

A new Fortnite tease has OG fans excited. During this week’s Ariana Grande event, Epic Games seem to tease the return of a fan-favorite character. Fast-forward, and now the game’s creative director and the CCO of Epic Games, Donald Mustard, is building upon this tease with a far more blatant follow-up tease. And the result of this is that OG fans of the game, pre-Chapter 2 fans, are starting to get excited.

Taking to Twitter, Mustard tweeted the following: “They see me rollin’ pt.2.” For those that don’t know, these are the famous lyrics — minus the “pt 2” part — of Ridin’ by Chamillionaire. On the surface level, this tweet is borderline meaningless, but those who follow Mustard will know his random tweets are never just random. They are teases.

To this end, Fortnite fans are convinced that Mustard is teasing the return of the aforementioned fan-favorite character, or more specifically, The Cube, also known as Kevin. And again, if you follow Mustard, you will know he’s teased this in the past.

The Cube first appeared back in 2018, in Paradise Palms, during Season 5. A season later, it disappeared and it didn’t return until Season 10 before disappearing again. Since then, we’ve seen glimpses and teases of it here and there, but never in a major way. That said, it looks like that’s about to change, but until it does, take all of this speculation with a grain of salt. Meanwhile, if Mustard shares any more teases, we will be sure to give the story an update.

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