New Fortnite Timer Counts Down to Next Event

Fortnite players have been graced with yet another tantalizing countdown in the game with a new timer ticking down to the game’s next event. It’s supposed to be a live event, and though players have guesses about what it might entail, Epic Games hasn’t yet revealed its hand to indicate exactly what’ll happen when the timer reaches zero. It’s supposed to end on August 6th, however, so it won’t be long before players see everything that’s planned.

The timer appeared after the game’s latest update on Tuesday, the same one that added a powerful new plasma weapon among other changes. It’s set to end on August 6th just after 3 p.m. PT for those who want to be sure to tune into the game to see what’s going on when things go into motion.

For those who want to see the timer for themselves, it’s hard to miss. You’ll find it in the lobby when you hop into Fortnite and can also see it in games, too. The images above from Twitter show what it looks like with the timer looking exactly as prior leaks suggested it would

Based on some of those leaks that constantly circle around Fortnite, we have an idea of what might happen in the game. August 6th just so happens to be Ariana Grande Day, and there have already been leaks previously that suggested the entertainer would make an appearance in the game in some capacity. Travis Scott and more have already held in-game concerts in the past, so there’s reason to believe Ariana Grande could, too.

Of course, this entire season has been about aliens, abductions, and related things, so it’s a bit of a head-scratcher to imagine how Ariana Grande might fit into all that. The performer could make her appearance at a later date, and this countdown could be ticking down to an unrelated alien-themed event instead that’ll take place on August 6th.

Whatever is to happen, Epic Games will likely have more to share about it before things get underway. Details about events are typically shared prior to them happening so that players know when to get into the game and where to be once they log in, so we should expect to know more about the event prior to August 6th.

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