New Posters for the Dexter’s Reboot Unveiled at the 15th Anniversary ; Scarier & Gorier than Before

The rebel serial murderer has returned! Dexter: New blood in Showtime after eight-year gap new posters are shared

Showtime released new posters for the anticipated reboot series Dexter: New Blood to commemorate the fifteenth anniversary of the original debut of Dexter. Michael C. Hall as Dexter featured on two new posters with snowy surroundings.

Dexter: New Blood airs on Showtime on November 7 at 9 p.m. ET/PT and series with ten hour-long episodes. From 2006 – 2013, the show received 24 Emmy nominations.

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Julia Jones portrays The Mandalorian, Alano Miller as Sylvie’s Love, Johnny Sequoyah as Believe, Jack Alcott as The Good Lord Bird, Jamie Chung as Lovecraft Country, and Clancy Brown as The Crown. They are among the new cast members.

The tale takes place ten years after Dexter disappeared in the eye of Hurricane Laura. And he now lives under a different name in the little hamlet of Iron Lake, New York. Dexter may be comfortable with his fresh start, but his Dark Passenger pulls him following a series of events in this little town.

Will the reboot clear doubts of fans after huge disappointment of original series finale?

The first series, aired from 2006 until 2013, by Dexter (Michael C. Hall) a CSI technician with the Miami Police Department. He specializes in blood spatter, also a serial murderer. However, his strict code of ethics dictates that he only murders evils gotten away with their crimes due to the judicial system’s flaws. This storyline ran for eight seasons on Showtime, finishing in a climax in which Dexter faked his own death and fled to a remote, hidden life in Oregon.

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The show’s ending indeed a big disappointment for viewers. In fact, Hall counts himself among those who “dissatisfied” with the ending. Hall and showrunner Clyde Phillips, on the other hand, believe that the new series certainly satisfy viewers’ remaining doubts about what happened to the complex killer.

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