New PS5 Model Contains a Major Downgrade

The newest model of the PlayStation 5 that has started to be sold to customers seems to contain a very major downgrade. Within the past month, reports have come about indicating that Sony has already started to slightly tweak the internals of the next-gen platform. And now, thanks to a new video that has come about to inspect these changes in the PS5, it looks as though the console isn’t as good as the model that was initially released last year.

In a new video from tech YouTuber Austin Evans (which you can find above), the internals of this new PS5 model were looked over in great detail. Based on what was found with this new version, the console itself is now lighter than the previous one, but the reason for this change can be found with what was inside. When opening up this PS5 and comparing it to the previous version, the heatsink aspects of the new PS5 seem to be slightly different than the original iteration. In a move that was clearly meant to help offset manufacturing costs of the PS5, Sony removed a large portion of the heatsink that was seen in the first revision of the console, which led to this drop in weight.

In turn, this change is also one that may have an effect on how the console performs. The smaller heatsink in the new PS5 led to the console running hotter than the original model in tests that were conducted. Although the difference wasn’t a major one and the hotter temperature of the new PS5 isn’t necessarily a cause for concern, it does show that the first version of the platform that began releasing last year is definitely the better of the two.

So what does this mean moving forward? Well, in all likelihood, this new PS5 model should become the default version that Sony will ship all around the globe. If you haven’t purchased the console for yourself yet, this is surely the one that will start appearing in all regions down the road. Even though this whole situation might be raising some red flags, hardware revisions such as this are commonplace when it comes to any piece of tech. And in that regard, it’s expected that Sony would look to make changes in this manner before long. Still, if you happen to have a launch day version of the PS5, consider yourself lucky as it seems you technically own the better version of the platform.

How do you feel about Sony changing the internals of the PlayStation 5 in this way? Are you upset that they seem to be cutting back on quality to save money? Let me know your thoughts either down in the comments or over on Twitter at @MooreMan12.

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