New Superman Just Debuted His Brand New Costume

Superman fans just got a look at what the latest incarnation of the hero will be wearing. If you haven’t heard, Supes is losing his powers and Earth needs a hero. In his stead, Jonathan Kent will be on call to defend Earth. Now, he’s been asked to contribute in the fights to save his home before. But, this might be a little different than anything the young hero has seen before. Tom Taylor is writing Superman: Son of Kal-El, and he just revealed how Jon is switching it up for the new version of the hero. The younger Kryptonian will be sporting a simplified version of his father’s iconic costume in the book. His shield still bears the standard colors, but his shoulders will likely prove polarizing. The cape remains, but the red detailing will stretch around his neck and the family crest organically. (It actually harkens toward Jon’s eventual look in Future State. Another fun touch is that the Kryptonian tech is right there with his belt. Its an interesting move that might go over better with fans because this is about the next generation of Superman rather than the classic hero that everyone knows.

“The biggest thing for Jon is learning the responsibility of it all,” Sean Lewis, writer of the lead stories in Future State: Superman of Metropolis said to DC about his version in the future. “We usually think that means being able to make the right decisions. But it also has to do with risking the wrong decisions. Risking making mistakes.”

Philip Kennedy Johnson also spilled on what took Kal El away from Earth and it doesn’t sound too great for the Man of Steel. “Superman is a symbol of hope, truth, and justice all across the Universe, and injustice is everywhere. I don’t want to spoil too much, but Superman becomes aware of an existential threat not just to Earth, but to pretty much everyone. He leaves Jonathan and Kara in his place, sets out to take down this threat, and…vanishes. Years later, we learn where he actually is. (Spoilers: it’s not great.)”

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