Ninja Reveals Thoughts on State of Fortnite (Exclusive)

Although he might not play the game now as much as he used to, Twitch star Tyler “Ninja” Blevins is still one of the most popular Fortnite players on the planet. When Epic Games’ battle royale shooter was first rising to prominence back in 2017, Ninja was one of the major streaming stars that grew in popularity with it. Despite now spending his time streaming many other games, Ninja still has many thoughts on the current state of Fortnite and believes that this current season of the game has been able to find a good balance.

Speaking to our own Brandon Davis in an interview related to Free Guy with, we asked Ninja what he thought about Fortnite at this point in time. Ninja said that he actually played quite a bit of the game just recently and he greatly enjoyed his time with it. “I recently played without a delay the other day with Tim, Seifer, and Jordan Fisher to celebrate Jordan’s story of streaming on Twitch, and dude, it was a blast. Surprisingly, I don’t know how, but we weren’t being streamed sniped too much,” Ninja said. “But the actual gameplay, in general for the season, I’ve enjoyed.”

Explaining more about what he thinks makes the gameplay in Fortnite special this season, Ninja said it’s a combination of aspects from the past combined with new ways to play. Ninja said that in the past, Fortnite lacked mobility when it came to getting around the map, but nowadays, Epic has packed in a number of new mechanics that make things feel both fresh and nostalgic. “You’ve nailed it, there’s a great combination of mobility, nostalgia, and also those new aspects of the game that they’re adding that really aren’t game-breaking,” he said. “So I love it. I think it’s great.”

For the most part, Fortnite has seen a massive resurgence this weekend thanks to the game’s latest concert which features pop star Ariana Grande. Moving forward, Season 7, which is Fortnite’s current season, is set to continue for roughly another month before Season 8 arrives in September. Whether or not Ninja will personally continue to enjoy the battle royale shooter once that seasonal shift transpires remains to be seen.

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