Nintendo Lowers Switch Price in Europe

Following several reports indicating that a price cut was imminent, Nintendo has officially announced that the base model Nintendo Switch will have a lower standard price — in Europe and the United Kingdom, anyway. The reason given by Nintendo for the reduction in price is that, with the upcoming release of the new OLED Nintendo Switch and other factors, it was decided that “now was the appropriate time” to drop the price.

More specifically, the new price for the base model Nintendo Switch in the UK and Europe has been reduced to £259.99 and €299.99, respectively. Previously, the Nintendo Switch was set at £279.99 and €329.99. For the sake of comparison, the Nintendo Switch OLED will be €364.99 in Europe and £309.99 in the United Kingdom. The new pricing is already visible in Nintendo’s own store, and while retailers are not bound to Nintendo’s pricing, it is likely that the majority of them will follow it. As of right now, there is no word on whether the price cut will be reflected for North America.

“Nintendo of Europe is changing the European trade price of the Nintendo Switch console to retailers,” a Nintendo spokesperson told Eurogamer in a provided statement. “More than four and a half years after its first release, Nintendo Switch continues to have strong sales momentum in Europe. After carefully weighing up a variety of factors, including currency exchange rates in Europe and the upcoming launch of Nintendo Switch – OLED Model, we decided that now was the appropriate time to change the European trade price of Nintendo Switch.”

Notably, the full statement also indicated that the prices for the Nintendo Switch Lite and the Nintendo Switch (OLED model) would not be affected by the change to the price of the base model Nintendo Switch.

As noted above, the new Nintendo Switch price is already in effect for Europe and the United Kingdom. In North America, the Nintendo Switch (OLED model) is set to release on October 8th with a suggested retail price of $349.99. The base model Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite are available wherever such things are sold, if you can find them in stock. You can check out all of our previous coverage of Nintendo right here.

What do you think about the price cut for the Nintendo Switch in Europe and the UK? Do you think it will be repeated elsewhere considering the impending launch of the OLED model? Let us know in the comments, or feel free to reach out and hit me up directly over on Twitter at @rollinbishop to talk about all things gaming!

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