Nintendo Reveals Secret To Defeating EMMI

Metroid Dread fans have been wondering how to defeat E.M.M.I. since the trailer dropped. Well, Nintendo just provided some direct answers. On their Twitter account, the company broke down how you can stop the machines chasing Samus in their tracks. When being pursued by an E.M.M.I., you can charge your primary weapon with Central Units. In the special zones these tanks are held in, you can fire an Omega Stream and Omega Blaster to weaken the robot’s shields. From there, you can land a killing blow on the E.M.M.I. with a finisher. (For right now, this process isn’t on video, but it seems like a case of parrying an attack like in Samus Returns.) In effect, this gives the main character a way to fight back against her assailant. Some Metroid fans were worried that the E.M.M.I. would not be able to be killed, and that would have greatly influenced how you navigate Metroid Dread. Check out Nintendo’s post below:

“E.M.M.I. are very durable and can deflect Samus’ standard attacks. However, Samus can take in energy from defeated Central Units in E.M.M.I. Zones to temporarily power up her arm cannon & fire the Omega Stream & Omega Blaster, forces the E.M.M.I. are vulnerable to. #MetroidDread”

“Samus is unable to move when charging the Omega Blaster, meaning some serious fear may set in as the deadly E.M.M.I. approaches. You’ll need to face the tension, overcome the fear, and unleash the energy to land a finishing blow.”

Nintendo describes the title on their official site. “The word “Dread” in the game’s title signifies fear and terror. In this entry in the series, the team has created a fresh new take on the Metroid experience by combining the series’ universal theme of exploration with the concept of a looming, terrifying threat. With the Metroid series, we’ve always challenged ourselves to surprise players. The idea for a terrifying threat is a theme that we’ve been thinking about for over 15 years. You could call it fate. We have been able to show a bit of that in the announcement trailer, but there are other threats that Samus must face, as well—which we will talk about at a later date.”

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