Nintendo Switch Online Reports Support Game Boy, Game Boy Color Rumors

If you’ve got a favorite game or two from the Game Boy or Game Boy Color era, there’s a good chance you might be seeing some of those titles in the Nintendo Switch Online catalog soon. Multiple reports have been shared online this week which all suggest that Nintendo will indeed be adding these Game Boy and Game Boy Color games to the online platform, though specifics on which games will be added haven’t been shared yet.

Eurogamer and other outlets such as the Nate the Hate podcast are just a few of those who said this sort of upgrade was coming for the Nintendo Switch Online service. The latter first broke the news while the former corroborated that with their own sources. If everyone’s as accurate as they say their sources are, that means the Nintendo Switch Online service is about to become much more valuable for those who are subscribed to it or those who are considering a subscription.

On top of that, Eurogamer said “other retro platforms” are currently in consideration for Nintendo Switch Online, too. The catalog currently consists of NES and SNES games, so Nintendo’s got no shortage of retro consoles and games to pull from if it wasn’t to bolster the catalog of virtual games.

While the NES and SNES games are a big part of the Nintendo Switch Online package, people have long been requesting games from other Nintendo platforms to be added to the online service. Nintendo 64 games, for example, have long been requested for Nintendo Switch Online because of the robust catalog of games the platform offered.

People often turn to ROMs to play some of Nintendo’s older games in the meantime since many fan-favorite games from other Nintendo platforms are less than accessible without the original devices they were played on, but Nintendo’s pretty determined about stamping out these ROMs, so people are left waiting for Nintendo to either add games to Nintendo Switch Online or rerelease them through other means.

Nintendo releases new games into the Nintendo Switch Online catalog ever so often, but many of the biggest ones people want to play are already included. Those subscribed to Nintendo Switch Online can look forward to more of those periodic announcements while we wait on something official about Game Boy and Game Boy Color games being added to the service.

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