Olympics Fans Are Calling Kevin Durant Captain America After USA Captures Gold Medal

Kevin Durant is Captain America after Team USA won the Olympic Gold Medal in basketball. The Americans faced some steep competition in Tokyo but came together at the right time to capture the top honor. Of course, their best player had fingerprints all over this game as they bested France 87-82. Durant was nothing short of sensational in this tournament and fans were on Twitter calling him Captain America after he became the country’s leading scorer in the history of their Olympic program. That makes three gold medals for the NBA superstar. He matches Carmelo Anthony’s mark with the team’s latest win and becomes unquestionably the greatest USA Basketball player in the history of the country bringing pros to the Olympics. With that kind of dominance, it wasn’t going to be long before the photoshops and tributes poured in from all corners. Winning a gold medal might not be an NBA championship, but it has to feel great for your entire country to celebrate you.

“We heard it all over the past few weeks about our team. To fight through this adversity against a great team like these guys … to come together so fast – it was beautiful to see, it was beautiful to be a part of,” Durant told the media. “I’m so proud of this team. The coaching staff prepared us so well every single day, even some days when we didn’t feel like practising but it was worth it at the end. I’m so glad. I’m ready to go home and celebrate. I love our country and this team is just amazing, it’s just incredible.”

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