One of Ryan Reynolds’ Biggest Flops Is Dominating Netflix

Even though he’s got two very popular and successful Deadpool movies under his belt, not to mention appearances in the Fast and Furious franchise and more, Ryan Reynolds is still pretty well heavily associated with his 2011 DC flop, Green Lantern. Despite being widely derided upon release and a huge flop at the worldwide box office, the Reynolds-starring, Martin Campbell-directed Green Lantern movie is dominating on Netflix after landing on the service on Wednesday, September 1st. As of this writing, Green Lantern is the #2 movie on Netflix in the United States and the #4 piece of content as a whole on Netflix in the US.

Right now the only things sitting ahead of Netflix are the Netflix original He’s All That, a modern, gender-swapped reboot of She’s All That. and TV shows Clickbait and Manifest. Also as of this writing Reynolds himself has not commented on Green Lantern‘s quick ascension on the Netflix charts, his only post on social media today is for the first Red Notice trailer, but considering how frequently he likes to poke fun at the movie it’s only a matter of time before he says something about it.

Perhaps the biggest thing to come out of the Green Lantern movie is the blossoming of Reynolds’ personal life. On the film Reynolds met and then began dating his co-star turned wife Blake Lively.

Reynolds has gone out of his way in the decade since Green Lantern was released to make sure the world knows that he knows it’s not the best movie. A gag in Deadpool 2 saw him (as Deadpool) go back in time and shoot himself (as Reynolds) while reading the script for the DC Comics adaptation, preventing him from appearing in the movie (one of many jokes about his involvement in the movie in the X-Men spinoff). Earlier this year he called it “The Darkest Crease In The Anus Of The Universe.”

Though most of Reynolds’ comments on the film have been in jest, the film’s director Martin Campbell did not mince words when asked about it in an interview earlier this summer.

“The film did not work, really,” Campbell, who directed Casino Royale prior to the DC adaptation, told ScreenRant. “That’s the point, and I’m partly responsible for that. I shouldn’t have done it. Because with something like Bond — I love Bond, and I watched every Bond film before I ever directed it. Superhero movies are not my cup of tea, and for that reason, I shouldn’t have done it. But directors always have to carry the can for the failures. What do they say? Success has many fathers, failure has one. And that’s me.”

HBO Max, where you can also stream the Green Lantern movie if you wish, is currently developing a Green Lantern TV series with Finn Wittrock starring as Guy Gardner.

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