One Piece Reveals the Name of Yamato’s Devil Fruit

One Piece revealed the name of Yamato’s Devil Fruit with the newest chapter of the series! Yamato has been one of the most intriguing additions to the series ever since Kaido’s son first made his debut in the climax of the Wano Country arc. In such a short time, Yamato’s appearances throughout the Raid on Onigashima thus far have been such a huge hit with fans that they can’t wait until the fighter makes a debut in the anime. It’s because Kaido’s son not only wants to leave Wano, but wants to take down his father in order to do so.

The war on Onigashima teased that while Luffy and the others were currently occupied and out of commission, Yamato would be fighting against his father. We have seen brief glimpses of this fight so far in previous chapters of the series, but the last update was the most intriguing yet as not only was it revealed that Yamato had a Devil Fruit power, but it was a power that led to a brand new Hybrid Form. With the newest chapter of the series, we got an official name and power slate for Yamato’s Devil Fruit ability.

One Piece Yamato Devil Fruit Name Manga 1020 Spoilers
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Chapter 1020 of the series opens with a return to Kaido and Yamato’s fight, and after Kaido revealed that he had initially planned for Yamato’s Devil Fruit to go to someone else before he son had eaten it, the newest chapter sees him explain why. It’s the Dog-Dog Fruit Model Okuchi-No-Makami, or as Kaido breaks it down, a rare mythical wolf (tying it further into Japanese mythology). He explains that it was the Guardian Spirit of Wano, and it’s part of the reason why he wants Yamato to lord over Wano when he enacts his plan.

This Devil Fruit not only gives Yamato this wolf like form, but gives him an ice breath that perfectly counters against Kaido’s own dragon’s Blast Breath. It remains to be seen whether or not this will be enough to keep Kaido occupied for now, but it’s a very distinct Devil Fruit that further ties into Yamato’s desire to be Oden, and it’s also why Kaido’s so distraught over his son refuses his wishes. But what do you think?

What do you think of Yamato’s Devil Fruit name and abilities? Do you think it will be enough to do any real damage to Kaido before Luffy returns to the fight? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!

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