One Piece Sets Up Jinbei’s First Solo Fight with the Straw Hats

One Piece’s War For Wano Arc has given each of the Straw Hat Pirates a battle of their own as Luffy tangles with the Beast Pirate Captain Kaido and his forces that have overtaken the isolated nation, with one of the most recent addition to the Straw Hats juggling a new battle of his own. Though Jinbei might be a late addition to the crew of the Thousand Sunny, he has thrown his lot in with Luffy’s Crew and will now be earning his keep by fighting alongside them during the War For Wano, battling against the swashbuckler known as Who’s Who.

Warning. If you have yet to read the latest chapter of One Piece’s manga, Chapter 1017, you might want to steer clear of the rest of this article as we’ll be diving into spoiler territory.

With Luffy being seemingly defeated during his initial battle against Kaido, the battlegrounds of Wano Country are continuing to tear apart beneath the feet of the Straw Hats, Resistance fighters, and Beast Pirates that are seeking to determine the future of the Grand Line. As Jinbei faces down Who’s Who, the lieutenant of Kaido with the ability to transform into a Saber Tiger thanks to the power of the Devil Fruit, Neko Neko no Mi, it’s clear that this will be anything but an easy fight.

One Piece Jinbei
(Photo: Shueisha)

“This started as a battle of 5,000 against 30,000. We were always going to be outnumbered. I never expected you to fight me one on one from the start.” Jinbei notes as Who’s Who begins to surround himself with his underlings.

With Jinbei releasing a number of attacks with the likes of “Fish-Man Karate,” and “Tempest Kick,”, Who’s Who is forced to transform into his terrifying feline form and in doing so, reveals a major secret that ties into the creation of the Captain of the Straw Hat Pirates. Formerly a government agent working for the CP9 Agency, Who’s Who was originally responsible for the Gum-Gum Fruit that granted Monkey D. Luffy his powers and was punished in kind for the stealing of said Devil Fruit. While the battle between Jinbei and Who’s Who has just begun, it’s clear that the confrontation is wasting no time in raising the stakes.

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