One Piece Titles Set Up Yamato’s Anime Debut

One Piece’s anime is just beginning to dip its toes into the War for Wano Arc, which promises to see the Straw Hat Pirates do everything in their power to take down Kaido and his Beast Pirates, but it seems as if Luffy and his crew are set to receive some help from an unexpected source. With Kaido’s offspring, Yamato, long being a fan-favorite character in the manga, the anime adaptation is teasing the arrival of the swashbuckler who is seeking to free the borders of Wano and do justice for the lost Kozuki Oden by taking his name.

Yamato has been an interesting addition to the lore of the Grand Line, with many fans believing that once the Wano Arc has come to a close, the inheritor of the name of Oden will be joining Luffy and his crew and become, perhaps, the final member of the Straw Hats. With the manga’s latest chapter showing us that Kaido’s offspring holds similar abilities to transform as their father, it will be interesting to see if Yamato is able to take down the captain of the Beast Pirates or if Luffy will have the opportunity for a rematch that results in one step closer to becoming the king of the pirates.

One Piece Yamato
(Photo: Toei Animation)

One Piece released the titles of the anime’s upcoming episodes, including 987 to 990, as the series moves closer to its one-thousandth episode and reveals perhaps the exact episode when we can expect Yamato to arrive:

Episode 987: The Failing Dream? The Plot to Lure Sanji
Episode 988: Arrival of Reinforcements! Captain of the Whitebeard Pirates!
Episode 989: Oath of Man! Fierce Battle of the Brachiotank
Episode 990: Thunder Bagua! The Appearance of Kaido’s Son

One Piece has gotten a lot of attention recently with the stunning animation that it has employed as the Straw Hats inch closer to beginning their battle to decide the fate of the isolated nation. With Eiichiro Oda confirming that the series is set to end within the next five years, we have to wonder if all the Straw Hat Pirates will make it out of Wano country alive and what the end of this war will mean for the world of the Grand Line.

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