One-Punch Man Finally Kicks Off Bang and Garou Fight

One-Punch Man has finally kicked off the long awaited fight between Bang and his pupil Garou with the newest chapter of the series! The massive Human Monster saga continues with the newest chapter of the Yusuke Murata illustrated manga series, and Garou has broken through his human self and officially debuted a new monstrous form in previous chapters of the series. Throughout this entire time, Bang and his brother Bomb have been chasing after Garou as the S-Class Hero wants to be the one to ultimately put down his formal pupil once and for all.

The previous chapter of the series teased that we would finally see this happen as Garou’s monstrous new form began to unleash itself on Bomb and the S-Class heroes. Bang managed to drop in just in time in order to combat his former pupil turned monster properly, and the newest chapter of the series now finally delivers on what fans have wanted to see with a real clash between the two of them. And Bang just might be in over his head.

One-Punch Man Bang Garou Fight Silver Fang Manga Spoilers
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Chapter 146 of Viz Media’s official English language release of the series picks up immediately after Bang puts a stop to Garou’s first monstrous rampage, and Bang sees how far gone Garou is in his new monster form. Vowing to be the one to take him down, he prepares himself with a special breathing technique, Awakening Breath, meant to unleash his body’s full potential. Bang notes how this will be his last fight at full strength, and charges straight for his former pupil.

Garou manages to dodge and counter each one of Bang’s strikes, and surprises even further with a quick mastery of the Awakening Breath technique. Bang’s surprised to see this as well and he realizes that Garou was able to learn and master this new move by just looking at it. Bang manages to land a couple of powerful hits, but Garou counters them with just as many powerful hits. The fight’s just getting started, however, as Bang readies himself for the next round.

Garou’s monster form is only getting stronger, so this will be Bang’s real test to see whether or not he is actually capable of defeating his former student now that Garou’s become a full monster. But what did you think of the start to this major fight? Do you think Bang will actually win against Garou? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!

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