Party Venom Drops the Mic in Venom 2 Fan Review Teaser

Audiences rave and Party Venom drops the mic in a new TV spot featuring the first fan reactions to Venom: Let There Be Carnage. Star Tom Hardy and director Andy Serkis screened Venom 2 at a buzzy “Fans First” event in London last week, where early audiences were the first to see the cinematic clash between Eddie Brock (Hardy) and Cletus Kasady (Woody Harrelson). Now reactions are in on social media and calling the Sony’s Spider-Man Universe spin-off, swinging exclusively into theaters October 1, “the superhero movie you’ve been waiting for.”

Venom 2 is “a wild ride,” says quoted Twitter user @Ayscension in the fan review spot above. Writes @BartonJ2410, the sequel to 2018’s Venom is “the most insane film of the year.”

More early reactions call the new movie “a roller coaster of comedy and action,” with user @FilmAgestudios cheering: “I loved every minute of it!”

Venom meeting and battling the Carnage symbiote for the first time in live-action is what “the fans have been waiting for,” producer Avi Arad said in Venom 2 production notes from Sony Pictures. “He’s Venom’s ultimate adversary, stronger and more violent in every way. It doesn’t help that serial killer Cletus Kasady is Carnage’s host, enhancing his maniacal worldview into something incredibly sinister. In the comics, Carnage is Venom’s offspring – his ‘son,’ if you will – which makes the conflict between them far greater.”

Added producer Matt Tolmach, “Every Venom story has to lead to Carnage. In a world inhabited by a genuinely scary symbiote, there’s another symbiote who is a whole lot meaner, and a whole lot more dangerous, and a whole lot more deadly. He’s the ultimate challenge for Venom and therefore Eddie.”

Watch the new TV spot above and read the first reactions to Venom 2 below:

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