Peacock Perks up its Line-up with Netflix’s Dragon: Rescue Riders

Spin-off of Dragon-Rescue riders releases on Peacock streaming service

The newest edition of the How to Train Your Dragon franchise, Dragons: Rescue Riders, is cute and entertaining. However unlike other franchise, this series loved by many kids.

On September, 2019, the Dragons Rescue Riders debuted on Netflix, and the new season premiered on February, 2020. Then few other special episodes were aired as holiday specials. And now DreamWorks Dragons Rescue Riders: Heroes of the Sky, a followup series, will be available on Peacock on November 24, 2021. Moreover, it will be viewable on Netflix at a future. This announcements came on Sep 22. 2021.

Dragon rescue rider
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Kid’s favorite show

The program never aspires to be something other than a cheerful children’s entertainment. And in that respect, it’s a truly enjoyable show.

Dragon: Rescue Riders revolves around two human friends, Leila and Dak, and a group of adolescent dragons. They have started a squad to save other dragons. The group is given a house in the town after saving the Huttsgalore village chief Duggard, and they begin to guard people as well.

The series’ main hook is that Leila and Dak have been brought in by a female dragon while they were small and nurtured with a ragtag group of dragons. They can now converse directly with dragons, whom they regard as family.

Credits: twitter @tjsullivan3rd

TJ Sullivan directed, Jack Thomas as exe producer, and K. Roberts worked as co-exe producer the series. This show was initially announced on July 22, 2019 alongwith DreamWorks another project Go, Dog, Go.

Nicolas Cantu of The Walking Dead, Brennley Brown in Dragons: Rescue Riders, Carlos Alazraqui from Reno 911, Moira Quirk of Dragons: Rescue Riders, Roshon Fegan of Camp Rock franchise, and Brad from Camp Rock franchise are among the series’ voice actors of Dragons: Rescue Rider series.

Curious George Season 14 also premieres on Peacock on October 21.

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