PewDiePie and His Wife Melt Everyone’s Hearts With Viral Instagram Post

Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg is a fairly private guy compared to many YouTubers and Twitch streamers of his size, especially when it comes to making content. However, every once in a while he provides a window into his life via his Instagram, and that’s exactly what he did this week for him and his wife Mariza’s 10-year anniversary. To this end, PewDiePie shared a couple of photos of how he and Mariza celebrated the anniversary. If you haven’t seen the post, it shows a day that looks like it was pulled straight from a Nicolas Sparks romance movie. And as you would expect, the post quickly went viral, earning nearly 3.4 million likes and nearly 15,400 likes in two days.

Now, to an extent, every PewDiePie Instagram post goes viral, because that’s just how popular he is, but this latest post has, in some cases, double the amount of likes and comments as his other posts. And this usually happens when the post includes Mariza, who PewDiePie fans often shower with admiration.

Below, you can check out the post for yourself, straight from PewDiePie’s Instagram page:

While PewDiePie makes waves on Instagram, he also continues to make waves on YouTube with his 110 million subscribers. His most recent video — titled Rating YouTubers House Tours — features Pokimane and has already amassed 2.4 million views in roughly 48 hours. In other words, while PewDiePie isn’t making headlines as much as he used to, and while he’s flying under the radar of many, he still continues to put up massive numbers on any platform he chooses to engage with.

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