PlayStation Now Games for July 2021 Potentially Leaked

The calendar may have already turned over to July, but PlayStation has yet to announce which new games will be coming to its PlayStation Now subscription service for the month. And while this announcement will likely come about in the early part of next week, it seems as though a recent leak may have given us an idea of which titles will be coming to the platform.

Spotted by one user over on Reddit, a recent ad for PlayStation Now that is said to have appeared on social media may have revealed the new additions for July. In total, five new games are all said to be coming to the service, many of which happen to be critically-acclaimed darlings. In total, the five new games seen in this leaked advertisement include God of War, Red Dead Redemption 2, Judgment, Nioh 2, and Moving Out. The bottom portion of the ad also annotates that Red Dead Redemption 2 will only be available through the end of October while Judgment would be departing on October 4, 2021.

As a whole, this is a pretty major lineup for Sony to get for PlayStation Now and would surely convince many more users to subscribe to the service if it ends up being accurate. It’s also worth noting that if God of War did happen to be one of the additions to PS Now in July, it would be the second time in which the popular action-adventure game has come to the service. In addition, the original Nioh is currently available to download on PlayStation Now, which would potentially make the addition of Nioh 2 all the more logical.

Still, until we hear more directly from Sony, you should take this PlayStation Now lineup with the usual grain of salt. This could easily be a faked piece of promotional material, especially since the exact source of the ad has not been verified. That being said, it should take too much longer until PlayStation ends up verifying what it has in store for July, so stay tuned to our coverage here at to learn more.

So what do you think about these new potential additions to PS Now? Let me know your thoughts either down in the comments or over on Twitter at @MooreMan12.

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