PlayStation VR 2 Rumor Shares Possible First Details

If a new rumor is to be believed, Sony’s successor to PlayStation VR for PlayStation 5 will arrive in 2022. Additionally, the device will have a Fresnel OLED screen with HDR, a 2000 x 2040 resolution for each eye, and a 110-degree field of vision. The device will be compatible with AAA games that will have the option of VR. Apparently, these details were revealed during “a supposed closed-door developer conference,” and was shared on Twitter by @Okami13_, who has a fairly strong track record when it comes to these types of rumors. Despite this, readers are advised to take this all with a grain of salt until Sony makes an official announcement!

The Tweets from @Okami13_ about the new VR device can be found embedded below.

While this mostly sounds like good news, there is one potential negative in there: it seems that the device might not be compatible with PSVR. That would mean that current PSVR compatible titles would not work with the new hardware. That could be disappointing news for those looking to upgrade their current devices, or those that didn’t buy PSVR and want to play games like Marvel’s Iron Man VR.

Until that confirmation comes from Sony, fans shouldn’t plan on taking their pitchforks out. Even if these details are currently accurate, a lot can change during the development process. It’s worth noting that some of these details do line up with previous reports, however. Back in June, Bloomberg reported that PlayStation’s next VR headset will release in 2022 and will use OLED panels manufactured by Samsung. That gives this rumor a bit more legitimacy, but we’ll have to see how things play out in the coming months. Hopefully, Sony will make an official announcement about the future of PlayStation and VR sometime in the near future!

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