Pokemon Design Manager Reveals New Gigantamax Pikachu Figure Details

In October, Pokemon Sword and Shield‘s Gigantamax Pikachu will be getting a big new figure as part of the Pokemon Trading Card Game’s Celebrations set. As revealed in June, the figure will come in a massive box alongside an etched foil card of Pikachu VMAX, eight Celebrations boosters, and more. On Twitter, game design manager Dylan Mayo revealed some interesting new details about the figure, and the process behind its creation. Apparently, the team pushed hard to get the figure made, and they used the Detective Pikachu amiibo as an early size reference, though the figure’s exact dimensions were not revealed.

Mayo’s Tweet can be found embedded below.

For those unfamiliar with the Detective Pikachu amiibo, the figure is considerably bigger than the rest of Nintendo’s toyline, at more than 5 inches tall. Mayo went on to say that the Gigantamax figure went through so many revisions that he doesn’t “really remember which way it went,” meaning this new figure could be bigger or taller than the amiibo. He did say that he thinks the box is 16 inches tall.

Regardless of how big the figure ends up being, fans of Pokemon Sword and Shield will definitely want to get their hands on it when it releases! While some Pokemon from the Galar region have gotten toys, this one seems like it will make a really fun display piece. Hopefully The Pokemon Company will be able to make enough to meet the demand! The set will go on sale October 22nd at Pokemon Center, as well as other retailers that offer Pokemon TCG products.

Pokemon Sword and Shield is available now, exclusively on Nintendo Switch. You can check out all of our previous coverage of the game right here.

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