Pokemon Go Announces Two-Day Eevee Community Day Event in August

Pokemon Go has announced a two-day Community Day event focused on Eevee and its evolutions. The two-day event will take place on August 14th and August 15th from 11 AM to 5 PM local time on both days. In addition to an increase in the number of Eevee that appear during the wild (as well as an increased chance to encounter a Shiny Eevee), all eight of Eevee’s evolutions will learn a special move when evolved. Additionally, Sylveon will be much easier to evolve, as it will only require 7 Buddy Hearts to evolve an Eevee into Sylveon instead of its usual 70.

The full list of moves learned when Eevee evolves can be found below:

  • Vaporeon: Scald
  • Jolteon: Zap Cannon
  • Flareon: Superpower
  • Espeon: Shadow Ball
  • Umbreon: Psychic
  • Leafeon: Bullet Seed
  • Glaceon: Water Pulse
  • Sylveon: Psyshock

Additionally, Eevee caught or hatched during the Community Day event will learn Last Resort.

Pokemon Go will also release new Timed Research that will reward a Mossy Lure Module and a Glacial Lure Module (needed to evolve Leafeon and Glaceon, respectively) and a paid Special research quest. Other bonuses active during the event will include a 1/4 Egg Hatch Distance bonus and increase Lure and Incense timers.

Eevee was previously featured in a 2018 Community Day, long before all of its evolutions were active in the game. Of the Community Day moves, Umbreon with Psychic seems like the most likely to make a splash in PvP games. However, the announcement will likely draw at least some criticism as it is yet another repeat Community Day with Pokemon that have been featured in multiple events and are relatively common in most areas.

One reason Eevee could be featured in August’s Community Day event is to promote the upcoming Evolving Skies expansion of the Pokemon Trading Card Game. That expansion will feature V cards of all the Eevee-evolutions, who also have prominent appearances on booster packs and other marketing related to the expansion. The Evolving Skies expansion will be released in August just a few days after the Eevee Community Day.

We’ll provide additional updates about the August Community Day when available. In the meantime, mark your calendars.

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