Pokemon Journeys Drops Poster for Dawn’s Return

Pokemon Journeys is ready to explore a new arc on the small screen, and fans know who will be making a comeback this time around. After plenty of pleas, Dawn is set to return to the franchise at long last. This blast-from-the-past will stick around for a bit to the delight of fans, and a brand-new poster is here to hype Dawn’s return.

The key art was shared by The Pokemon Company itself, and it gives fans their first look at Dawn’s new design. The girl looks much the same as she did back in the day, but some aesthetic changes have been made. Dawn’s eyes are shaped differently to match the style of Pokemon Journeys, and that is just the start. The heroine’s color palette has been shifted ever so slightly, and Dawn is looking good thanks to this mini-makeover.

Of course, fans are going to see much more of Dawn in the coming weeks. The heroine is expected to join Pokemon Journeys in Japan before too much longer. Fans have been told Dawn will return for a two-arc special, and it will see the girl continue her dream to become the best Pokemon Coordinator out there. One of the arcs will even focus on Darkrai and Cresselia from the Black and White generation. So if you have been missing those legends, you’re in luck!

This comeback will allow Ash to expand his Legendary meet-and-greets, and Goh will be tagging along as always. Thanks to Netflix, fans know this arc will make its way to the United States at some point, but the streaming service has a lot to catch up on first. Netflix recently confirmed it is continuing its license of Pokemon Journeys’ anime with the upcoming release of Pokemon Master Journeys, and the comeback is expected to go down in a matter of months.

What do you think of this latest Pokemon Journeys poster? Are you excited to see Dawn make a comeback? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.

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