Pokemon Releases Best Promo Card Yet

The Pokemon Company has released their coolest oversized Pokemon card yet – a combination Sylveon/Umbreon card that features a lenticular 3D effect. Earlier this week, the Pokemon Trading Card Game released “Evolving Skies,” a brand new set that brings back Dragon-type cards into active rotation. The card set also features all of the Eevee evolutions as Pokemon V and Pokemon VMAX cards, and the popular cards are featured heavily in the set’s marketing. PokeBeach.com brings word of a unique promotional item being sent to hobby stores – an oversized Sylveon/Umbreon VMAX card with a 3D lenticular effect. This card is nearly 2 feet long and obviously can’t be used in any kind of official capacity. However, the oversized cards make for a popular collectible among some Pokemon fans and can be easily displayed or framed.

Comic book fans are probably familiar with lenticular printing, a kind of printing that uses tiny lenses to create a 3D moving effect. Lenticular prints are usually used to create a 3D or motion effect, as tilting the print causes the card to switch between two images. In the case of the Sylveon/Umbreon VMAX card, the card switches between an image of Sylveon VMAX and Umbreon VMAX depending on which way you’re looking at the card.

This is a promotional item that’s included in the marketing kits sent to hobby stores. Many hobby stores will give the promotional items away to customers who purchase Pokemon Trading Card Game products, but it’s ultimately up to the store how they choose to give them out. They could be given away as prizes for attending a Pokemon TCG League event, or as a raffle. You’ll have to contact your local hobby store to find out how you can get your hands on the cards.

There’s a very good chance that these items will be highly sought-after promotional items. An eBay listing for one of the oversized cards is currently asking for nearly $500, although no one has taken them up on the price…yet.

The Pokemon Company plans to release two more Pokemon card sets this year. The first – Celebrations – is a mini-set featuring a mix of reprinted cards from throughout the game’s history and new cards that bring back certain card mechanics for the first time in years. The second set, Fusion Strike, adds a third Battle Style to the game.

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