Pokemon Unite Adds Three New Held Items

Pokemon Unite has added three new held items as part of the game’s new balance patch update. Tencent has launched Pokemon Unite on mobile devices, providing a whole new audience of players a chance to play the MOBA-style Pokemon game. As part of today’s release, Pokemon Unite also added a new balance patch update that provided buffs to several of the game’s Pokemon. Additionally, the game added three new held items to encourage different builds and strategies. Each held item can be equipped to a Pokemon and upgraded to increase its passive and active effects.

The three new held items include the Razor Claw, the Choice Specs, and the Weakness Policy. The Razor Claw increases the next attack of a Pokemon after it uses a move. The attack buff increases based on the Pokemon’s Attack stat. Additionally, if a Pokemon is a melee Pokemon, the buffed basic attack also decreases the movement speed of an opposing Pokemon for a short time. The Choice Specs provides a buff to any damage done by moves, with the buff’s strength determined by a Pokemon’s Sp. Atk stat. Finally, the Weakness Policy increases a Pokemon’s Attack stat for a short time when the Pokemon receives damage. The Weakness Policy’s buff increases the more times a Pokemon receives damage.

Obviously, the Razor Claw and Weakness Policy are both geared towards Attack-focused Pokemon. The Razor Claw seems more suitable for melee attackers trying to hobble an opponent, while the Weakness Policy is perfect for any Pokemon looking to tank. The Choice Specs seem to act as an alternative to either Wise Glasses or Sp. Atk Specs, providing players with an alternative method of boosting a Pokemon’s Sp. Atk.

Notably, Pokemon Unite also increased the upgrade cap for items to 30 and made it easier for players to upgrade their held items. Upgrading items was seen as a “pay to win” method in Pokemon Unite, so its developers are clearly trying to lower the bar and make it easier for players to upgrade their items.

Players can play Pokemon Unite on their phones or Nintendo Switch devices now.

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