Pokemon Unite Announces New Pokemon, Mobile Release Date

Nintendo and The Pokemon Company kicked off their Pokemon Presents event this week with Pokemon Unite news pertaining to some new Pokemon coming to the game as well as the release date for the mobile version. For those waiting to play the game off of their Nintendo Switch, you’ll be able to do so on September 22nd when the mobile version releases. Like the Nintendo Switch version, it’ll be available for free, too. We also learned from the event that both Manoswine and Sylveon would be coming to the game, but release dates for those Pokemon have not yet been announced.

The mobile release of Pokemon Unite has been the plan since the beginning even though the game came to the Nintendo Switch version first. When it releases on mobile devices, players will be able to link their accounts across the platforms and will be able to play with and against those on the Nintendo Switch, too. It was announced during the presentation that players would be able to use their bonus Zeraora license across both platforms assuming they log in to earn the license before the offer expires.

It was also announced that there will be a pre-registration campaign running for Pokemon Unite, a pretty standard marketing practice for mobile games by now. Some of the rewards include a new cosmetic for Pikachu, some Aeos Tickets to give players some in-game currency to start with, and a license to play as Pikachu in Pokemon Unite. The pre-registration numbers required to earn those go up as the rewards become more valuable, but it doesn’t seem likely that players will have difficulties hitting even the top reward.

Lastly, it was confirmed during the Pokemon Presents event that both Manoswine and Sylveon would be coming to the game. We saw each of them briefly during the presentation during some short gameplay clips, but we don’t yet know what their abilities are nor do we know which roles they’ll fill.

Pokemon Unite is now available for free on the Nintendo Switch and will release for mobile platforms on September 22nd. Pre-registration for the mobile version is available now on iOS and Android devices, and you can check out our review of the game here.

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