Pokemon Unite to Add New Pokemon Next Week

Pokemon Unite has announced the release date for a new Pokemon. Mamoswine will be added to the game on September 29th, just one week after developer Tencent released a mobile version of the popular MOBA-style game. Mamoswine’s role in the game is unknown. However, a spotlight video released by Tencent showed off several of the Pokemon’s moves that focus on ramming into opponents with its large tusks and freezing them with several ice moves. This matches Mamoswine’s role in the main game, where the Pokemon has impressive attacking stats but mediocre defense. You can check out the preview for Mamoswine below:

Pokemon Unite is a MOBA-style free-to-play game featuring 5v5 team battles. Players control a single Pokemon and level it up by defeating wild Pokemon and opponents. Players also collect Aeos Energy from wild Pokemon and try to score goals on their opponent’s side. While the game is missing several features from traditional Pokemon games (such as type advantages), it’s still a fun blend of MOBA-style tactics and classic Pokemon. While the game is free-to-play, players have to purchase Unite Licenses from the in-game store in order to use those Pokemon in matches. Unite Licenses can be purchased either using Aeos Coins, an in-game currency earned by playing matches, or using a premium currency purchased with real-world money.

Mamoswine is one of two new Pokemon coming to Pokemon Unite soon. Tencent also announced that Sylveon would be coming to the game in the coming weeks. Sylveon came as a bit of a surprise due to the Pokemon’s branching evolutionary line, but it seems that Tencent wanted to pick an Eevee evolution and stick with it for now.

Pokemon Unite just released a major update to the game that added three new Held Items and made it easier to upgrade those Held Items. This removed a major barrier to play, as players could pay to upgrade Held Items more quickly, giving them an advantage in battle.

Pokemon Unite is available now as a free-to-play game on Nintendo Switch and mobile devices.

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