Popular Nigerian Singer ‘Tiwa Savage’ Being Blackmailed with a Sex Tape!

Leaked sex tape of Tiwa Savage

Nigerian singer and actress Tiwa Savage revealed that she is being blackmailed for a sex tape, featuring her.

In New York, during an interview with American radio host Angie Martinez of Power 105.1, the 41 years-old singer disclosed that the sex video includes a intimate moment of her and her present partner.

Tiwa Savage | Instagram

The whole situation

Describing the whole situation Tiwa said that when she was returning from a radio station and was in her car she received a message from her road manager, saying Tiwa to check her phone. And when she did, she found the sex tape which was sent to her road manager.

Tiwa said just after getting the video she sent it to her manager asking him, what to do next as the blackmailer was demanding money. Her manager asked about the amount of money. But according to the singer she was determined that she is not going to pay anything as blackmailers comes back and keeps blackmailing. And she will not pay for doing something natural. Also there is no guarantee that the blackmailer wouldn’t release the video after getting the money.

Tiwa Savage | Instagram

Even the singer stated that she could release the video herself, she is that crazy. But won’t pay a penny to the blackmailer. She said the guy she is dating is not popular or famous. He is going crazy too, his whole business is about to be out.

How the video was leaked?

Tiwa revealed that the video wasn’t leaked by her team rather her partner posted it on snapchat mistakenly. Even he immediately deleted it after realizing but it was too late.

Tiwa Savage has over 13 millions fan on Instagram and she has a very exemplary relationship with fans. She said she feels for her fans, who will have to keep defending her, they will feel the need to protect her.


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