PS5 Owner Shows Off Impressive Mortal Kombat Controller

With Sony slowly rolling out new options for hardware following the launch of the PlayStation 5 and its DualSense controller, people are continuing to pursue their own customizations in the meantime. One PlayStation 5 owner showed off their custom-made creation recently that took the form of a Mortal Kombat-themed DualSense controller. It featured the signature yellows of the Mortal Kombat franchise set onto a matte black controller without turning the whole device into a Mortal Kombat mural.

Reddit user ExpensiveMap3065 showed off the controller below over on the PlayStation subreddit much to the appreciation of others who applauded the design. The Mortal Kombat logo adorns the touchpad of the controller while the PlayStation button and accents on the control pad and face buttons feature a similar color.

Many in the comments also questioned where this person got their controller from, a fair question considering how many people are doing these customizations themselves while others outsource the projects to those do this as a profession. This specific controller was created by LaZaModz, a company which customizes controllers and has recently been putting out a lot of DualSense customizations. The one shown in the image above was similarly featured recently by the modding company’s Instagram page.

PlayStation has so far only offered two more colors for the DualSense controller with no new PlayStation 5 consoles announced yet. Some people were selling custom faceplates for the consoles in the past before the PlayStation 5 even released, but those plans were shut down quickly. That’s led people to believe that Sony might one day start selling their own custom faceplates for the PlayStation 5 to personalize the console, but no such plans have been announced at this time.

We’ve seen plenty of custom creations like this since the PlayStation consoles and the controllers were released, though there’s still no way for people to customize their devices through Sony. Xbox owners, on the other hand, can easily build their own custom Xbox controllers through Xbox’s Design Lab program. Many PlayStation owners have been asking for a similar option sort of customization portal, but again, nothing of that kind has been announced.

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