PS5 Update Backfires as PlayStation Fans Slam Sony Over SSD Issues

This morning the PS5’s system software beta program received its first update, which, among many other things, added M.2 SSD support, something PlayStation fans have been asking for since launch. Despite this, many PlayStation fans currently aren’t very happy over on Twitter, and it has to do with this M.2 SSD support and how it’s been implemented. While many PlayStation fans have been crying out for the ability to expand the storage of the console, many didn’t expect the solution to be this expensive and complicated.

With the Xbox Series X|S, Microsoft chose to go with a proprietary solution. In the short term, this is probably the better solution for a variety of reasons. However, over the long term, it means Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S users will be paying more to expand their storage compared to PS5 users. The trade-off will be simplicity in ease of use.

That said, while PS5 users will benefit in the long term from how Sony has decided to implement SSD support, right now it’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Not only are PS5 SSD prices through the roof, but there’s also a lot of confusion and mystery surrounding the options and the process.



What a Mess


Misstep From Sony


WAY Too Expensive




Xbox Did It Better


Short Term Pain for Long Term Gain


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