R Kelly’s Former Girlfriend Testifies in Court

R Kelly used to abuse his girlfriends

R Kelly’s problems don’t seem to end anytime soon. His former girlfriend told the jurors about the sex abuse and trauma she faced being in a relationship with him. They both were in a relationship for 5 years. Jane Doe said that Kelly used to track her every move and did not respect her privacy. He often would check her phone as well. He made sure that she doesn’t talk to her friends about their relationship. Their relationship began when Jane was 17 years old in 2015.

According to her Kelly even abused her for not obeying his orders. This abuse was physical which included spanking which left bruises and tears on her skin. She said this would happen every two or three days. Jane Doe is now 23 years old. She told the Brooklyn federal court that Kelly forced her to get an abortion in 2017.

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Kelly’s trial is likely to span many weeks, and if convicted, he could face life in jail. Also, the artist is facing sex-related felony allegations in Illinois and Minnesota.

According to her, they met at an Orlando festival. One member gave her his number. she wanted to be an artist as well and launch her career.

She met him the next day for an audition. But Kelly wanted her to be intimate with him first to let her sing. After that, she met him several times. She even told that Kelly always recorded their sexual sessions on an iPad.

Doe told that she was diagnosed with herpes. she said that gave her that purposefully as she has never been with anyone else.

She said he even hit her with a shoe after he found her texting a friend about them. She said that she saw Kelly hit other women.

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