Rachel Nicols trapped in a Controversy: ESPN Cancels ‘The Jump’

Nicols tweeted cancellation of her show after her audio leak

Recently ESPN has announced the cancellation of Rachel Nicols’s daytime show called ‘The Jump’. It has been also reported that ESPN is removing her from the whole network of the channel.

As shared by Sports Business Journal. David Roberts who is the Senior Vice President of the channel has also shared his thoughts about this matter. According to him, they have mutually come to this conclusion. He also shared that Rachel is a wonderful reporter, host, and journalist. He also mentions that he is thankful for her contributions to the channel.

Rachel herself tweeted that ‘The Jump’ was never meant to last forever, but sure it was fun.

Reason for cancellation, controversy

Last year, in 2020 July Rachel was on a call with Adam Mendelson who is an advisor to LeBron James. In the call, Rachel is saying that her fellow worker Maria Taylor is getting more and more opportunities because she is black. Her comment was meant that ESPN is promoting diversity by giving Maria more roles on the channel. She has been heard saying ‘crappy longtime record on diversity.

Rachel posted the last image

Apology on air

Maria Taylor was named host of ESPN postgame and pregame. According to Rachel, this role was given to Maria because of her race and not her talent. Her call was being recorded by ESPN Connecticut headquarters. However, in the call, Rachel also mentions how she wishes all the success to Maria.

Rachel as a host

However, soon after this controversy came to light. Rachel did an on-air apology to Maria and all the fellow members of ESPN. She shared how in Journalism they teach us not to be the story. She also said she is extremely apologetic to whatever she said. And she respects all her fellow workers at ESPN and how she is particularly sorry to Maria to hurt her or anyone’s feelings.

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