Rapper Webbie Collapsed on Stage, Find out below

Drug use or Health issue

Webbie collapsed on stage on Friday, August 20. Since then, admirers of the rapper have speculated that he may have had a seizure.

The rapper, who had appeared fine minutes before, fainted while attempting to exit the arena. His team and security surrounded him right away.


Webbie had a seizure?

It is revealed that the rapper did not experience a seizure.

The rapper’s lawyer told TMZ that he did not have a seizure. according to his doctor. he is out from the hospital and according to the publicist is doing well.

His video of collapsing leaked online rumours about him having a seizure became viral.

Webbie, who had been well minutes before, became ill and seen on the video attempting to leave the stage mid-performance. The rapper staggers his way through the mob, collapsing before reaching the entrance.

Webbie was encircled by his squad, and he was carried out of the arena by his guards after he appeared to pass out.


Many of Webbie’s admirers got concerned about the incident and wondered what had happened to him on Twitter. Some Twitter users, but, speculated that the health scare happened due to drug use.

Webbie, whose true name is Webster Gradney Jr., was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. When his song Give That feat. Bun B was released in 2004, he rose to prominence in the hip hop world.

Before the release of his breakthrough single, the rapper produced tunes like Bad B*tch. and Swerve as part of his Gangsta Musik album with Lil Boosie in 2003. Savage Life 3 and Savage Life 4 are two of his other well-known albums.

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