Reportedly, Kylie Jenner is Expecting Another Baby with Travis Scott

Kylie Jenner Rumoured to be pregnant

It’s time for celebration in the Kardashian – Jenner Clan. Reportedly, Beauty Mogul, Kylie Jenner has another bun cooking in her oven. Baby number two will also be with her off/on the boyfriend of four years Travis Scott. The duo met in 2017 at Coachella, dated for a while and already welcomed their first child together Stormi Webster. After Stormi’s birth, the couple has gone back and forth the relationship wagon several times. They have continued to remain close and co-parents.

Now that Stormi is four years old is she ready to be an elder sister? Apparently, That’s what the latest reports suggest.

Expanding their family

Kylie Jenner | Travis Scott | Stormi | Pregnant
credit : Kylie Jenner | Instagram

Even though Kylie and her representatives have not publicly confirmed the news, we have insider sources who revealed the news to be true.

The biggest reason to believe the pregnancy rumours are Caitliyn Jenners most recent comments. She was visiting a toy store in North Carolina’s Quincy and she herself basically confirmed the news. The 71-year-old revealed she had just found about a pregnancy in the family. Caitlyn already has eighteen grandchildren and reportedly also told the press, that she will be welcoming her nineteenth grandchild.

She boasted how to wanted the number of her grandchildren to reach thirty as it is a well-rounded number.

Kylie’s entire family is reported to be thrilled about the coming of baby number two. The news of her pregnancy first broke out on page six.

As of now she is in the very early stages of her second pregnancy and is still in the dark about the gender of her second baby.

kylie jenner
credit : kylie jenner | instagram

Her due date is also not available yet , but she is enjoying time with her family and is super excited about this journey. Kylie also loves being a mother and can’t wait for Stormi to have a sibling.

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