‘Rick and Morty’ does Unthinkable Again with Season 5 Finale

The sci-fi series fans are in for a treat!

Rick and morty is a much loved sci-fi show through out the world. Season five of the show has reached it’s end and fans are in for a treat. Earlier new episodes were released on weekly basis. This is the first time ever that the show makers have decided to convert a finale into two parts. Episode nine and episode ten will serve as the finale episodes.

Sure enough , the finale was as unpredictable as the show , the one month waiting has totally been worth it.

rick and mortty
credit : Rick and Morty | Instagram

Everything that happened and how can you watch

The much awaited season finale aired yesterday on September five. The episode titled Forgetting Sarick Mortshall aired first. Both of the season finale episodes were made to explore the strength of the relation between Rick and Morty. The first part had the theme of a typical season five episode. Although it still tested their relationship. The two episodes are set in two different tones but are connected by crows.

In the first episode Rick pisses Morty off a lot. To process this Morty decides to go off on an anti- rick adventure by himself. Ironically he sets on his adventure with a boy named Nick. The rest of the episode is pretty generic and everything is handled casually.

rick and morty
credit : rick and morty | instagram

The show runners utilise the perks that come with the sci-fi genre, anything is possible. In episode nine , Morty manages to get his hands on the Portal juice and in a funny accident creates a portal through Nick’s thigh. In the end Morty decided to sever his connection with Nick by also severing hi hand is a clever concept.

The finale episodes air on cartoon network at 11 p.m.

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