Rick and Morty Fans Can’t Believe Season 5 Now Has Space Sperm Monsters

Rick and Morty fans were very confused when this week’s antagonists were revealed. Space sperm were running wild after Morty used a Horse Semen Collection machine at the clinic that Beth works at. The poor kid couldn’t resist and the audience absolutely cringed in their chairs. The youngest member of the Smith family had no choice but to lie to his grandfather after some wild scheme required horse genetic material. Rick wanted to put it through some genetic testing before but Morty absolutely couldn’t risk the embarrassment. Fans definitely felt the kid’s pain as they tried to deal with an absolutely wild episode. If you can believe it, things got even more unhinged as this week’s adventure went along.

Series co-creator Justin Roiland talked about the villain that is Rick’s nemesis that appeared in the first episode of this season.

“I imagine Rick has a quote-unquote nemesis character sort of sprinkled in every nook and cranny all across the galaxy, all across the cosmos, the multiverse,” Roiland explained to The Wrap. “To me, this is just another one. Like, it’s his “nemesis,” he calls him his nemesis, but this guy is just another in a long list of people that Rick has created a bunch of beef with.

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