Rick and Morty Season 5 Just Aired the Series’ Strangest Episode Yet

Rick and Morty has dropped a wild new episode in Season 5! One of the throughlines we have seen in the first few episodes of the new season thus far has been how Morty is growing and developing in surprising new ways. After being dumped by his long time crush, Jessica, in the season premiere, Morty went on to have quite the intense relationship with Planetina in the prior episode. Now it seems like Morty is back to his old “dirty little doggy” ways as he puts it with a chaotic fourth episode in the season.

The opening of the episode teased that Morty’s old ways would quickly come back to bite him in a hilariously monstrous way, but that was really only the first major reveal in a sexually charged journey for Morty as he continued to battle that embarrassment throughout the episode in order to keep from admitting what he did to get Rick and everyone else in this mess in the first place. Read on for a full breakdown of Season 5’s newest episode:

Rick and Morty Season 5 Episode 4 Adult Swim
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  • The episode begins with Morty waiting for his mother to finish work at the horse hospital so they can get to the latest Marvel movie. There he finds the machine the doctors use to gather “reproductive materials” from the horses, and stares at it in awe. A week passes, and a celebratory Morty congratulates himself for getting away with being a “dirty little doggy.” Then Rick rolls the gallon of horse semen to the garage.
  • Rick is going to use it to fight CHUDs, and is about to test to see if all of it belongs to horses, but Morty keeps him from doing so. Thus he proceeds with his science anyway and an explosion occurs. Soon it’s revealed that giant monster sperm are flying around and attacking everyone while Rick blames himself for what went wrong (rather than Morty admitting he polluted the horse materials).
  • The monsters are attacking the entire town, and Rick says they’re “Space Sperm” as the President soon comes to pick up Rick after they fight off some of the sperm. Rick asks Morty to keep it a secret, and Morty is all that glad to because it keeps his secret. Morty continues to keep the lie going, and tells the President that Rick is not at fault. The country’s leading expert on sperm reveals they all have gathered at the Grand Canyon.
  • The leading Sperm Scientist wants to investigate one to determine what it is, but Morty shoots it before he can do so. Morty then says he and Rick should just be given nukes to blow them all up. They start to head to the Grand Canyon with a plane full of marines, but the sperm have started to attack with weapons of their own like a trebuchet they have built.
  • Morty soon stumbles on one with a single eye, and it recognizes him because it originated from Morty. He names it sticky, and he tells Rick to let it go. Somehow he still gets to keep his secret as Rick and the one surviving marine continue to run into the monster sperm nest. The rest of the Smith Family is still with the President, and Summer gives them the idea to make a giant egg to lure them (without getting the credit).
  • Soon one of the sperm has been revealed to be so advanced it talks, and it calls itself the sperm queen. It reveals Morty had used the machine in the beginning, and Rick discovered his secret. Angry he asks Morty what it was like (to which Morty says “fantastic”) before the first commercial break. Following the break, the Sperm Queen reveals they are embodiments of Morty’s shame.
  • Soon, Sticky returns to save Morty and the sperm monsters start to leave the grand canyon and head to the giant egg now in Las Vegas. Morty confesses that the sperm belong to him, and this means that if the sperm hit the giant egg they’ll make a giant “incest baby” so they need to stop the sperm from hitting the egg.
  • Rick and Morty are captured by the CHUDs Rick had been fighting before, and it’s revealed that Rick had slept with the leader’s father. Morty realizes how wild this has all gotten while the princess of the CHUDs reveals that she’s pregnant with Rick’s child. Soon Beth and Summer take action as the army of sperm gets to Vegas.
  • Riding two of them, Rick soon arrives with an army of CHUDs and a huge war breaks out between the sperm and the CHUDs as Beth and Summer take down a few of their own. But soon one of the sperm makes it to the egg, and it gets launched into space. Morty tries to break it down, but Rick ignores it in favor of making out with the CHUD princess. It gives birth to his child, a fusion of Rick and a horse. Rick’s a little bummed he can’t raise it.

What did you think of Rick and Morty’s wildest episode yet? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!

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