Rick and Morty Season 5 Makes Major Change for Morty’s Future Romances

Rick and Morty brought a major change to Morty’s love life and brought him further into adulthood with Season 5’s newest episode! The third episode of the series, “A Rickconvient Mort” sad Morty fall madly in love with what was essentially Rick and Morty’s version of Captain Planet, Planetina. Not only was she much older than him, but she was an amalgamation of several different natural elements commanded by her team of “Tina-Teers” who had been working with her since the early 1990s. With dating an older woman, their relationship develops in some pretty significant ways.

Not only is this Morty’s first full relationship in the series, but this is the first time that he has sexual intercourse with another living being. Meaning as many fans have pointed out, this version of Morty has lost his virginity. It’s not explicitly laid out in the episode because it’s ultimately not about that as Morty goes through some heavy and very mature emotions as he deals with the very intense fallout of his very first real romantic relationship.

Season 5 Episode 3 of the series sees Morty reject Rick in the beginning as the two were about to go on a debauchery bender when he suddenly develops a quick and very intense crush on Planetina after he watches her defeat a pollution villain (named Diesel Weasel) with her elemental powers. She and Morty go on a date shortly after, but she doesn’t call him back. Following her to various natural disasters in the hopes of going on a date with her more, the two of them end up fully dating one another.

As the episode goes on, however, the cracks in their very fast moving relationship begin to show as Morty’s mother Beth not only points out the dramatic difference in age between the two of them, but also warns Morty that he’s not fully emotional developed enough to deal with this kind of relationship. This soon turns out to be the case as Morty realizes that Planetina’s hiding a very violent and intense side her when it comes to her care for the planet.

Seeing her act in this way, he ends up deciding to break up with her and the two of them have an emotional break up that leaves Morty emotionally scarred at episode’s end. So while Morty did mature in a very significant way with the newest episode, he got the full brunt of what it means to be an adult in a relationship in which he breaks someone’s heart rather than have someone dump him like Jessica did in the premiere.

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