Rick and Morty Season 5 Sends Morty on Emotional Relationship Rollercoaster in Newest Episode

Rick and Morty’s fifth season has continued with its third episode, and things are already shaking up! The first two episodes have been dramatically different from one another as the series not only teased that it would continue dropping hints about the overall serialized story for the series, but in the second episode it completely threw this out the window by not featuring the main family at all but a string of fakes that all killed one another. Now the third episode seems to be returning to Morty’s story as he tries to get over being dumped by Jessica.

As teased by the promotional materials for the third episode, “A Rickconvenient Mort,” things are soon shaken up in a huge way as Morty finds himself immediately crushing on a superhero who combats pollution enemies much like Captain Planet from Captain Planet and the Planeteers‘ animated series from years ago, Planetina. But that’s only the start! Read on for a breakdown of Rick and Morty’s newest Season 5 episode:

  • Rick and Morty have made some very vulgar customized shirts as they prepare to party, but the two of them are caught up in acid rain caused by a cartoonish villain named “Diesel Weasel.” Soon Planetina arrives and defeats him with the power of wind and fine, and Morty is so taken by her that he approaches her and the two of them fly away as she takes him for cruelty free doughnuts.
  • After the opening credits, it’s revealed that Planetina is indeed a full parody of Captain Planet as Morty shows an animated opening for her older show to his family. Summer’s depressed over someone that dumped her, and Rick has found three planets going into apocalypses to party together with Summer (in place of Morty, as he even gives her the shirt that Morty gave up).
  • Morty instead wants to chase down natural disasters in the hopes of finding Planetina as she hasn’t called him since their date. She arrives at a wildfire and Morty “bumps” into her, and he tries to ask her out on another date and she says she really likes him too. She wants to go out again, but says she has four kids who bring her to life.
  • These kids arrive, and it’s revealed that they are fully grown adults who are very critical of her as they have been manifesting her since the 90s. A news reporter soon asks if they’re dating, and Morty says yes. As for Rick and Summer, and the two of them party on a dying planet. Morty’s still enamored with Planetina and the two of them text until Planetina sneaks into his room at night and it’s implied that the two of them have slept together. Thus Morty finally loses his virginity.
  • Soon the “Tina-Teers” meet for a convention and summon Planetina, but she’s hugging Morty. They’re worried about closing a deal for more merchandise, but need to deal with Morty. Rick and Summer move onto a new planet, and it’s revealed that Rick actually brought along the same woman, Daphne, he had been partying on the previous planet. Summer’s angered at the fact he’s not supposed to commit to anyone.
  • One of the Tina-Teers locks Morty in a closet and tries to get rid of him, but Morty ends up stealing his Fire ring and burns him alive. It’s revealed the Tina-Teers were going to sell Planetina to a foreign prince, and Morty instead attacks them all and steals each of their elemental rings. Summer and Daphne have a talk, and Daphne reveals a set of elbow breasts that Rick has fallen in love with.
  • Morty and Planetina want to move in together, and Beth is against him given the huge difference in age in between the two of them. He’s angered at his mother, and decides to run away with Planetina as the two of them go off to fight natural disasters together. It gets increasingly erratic however as Planetina’s actions get far more aggressive such as burning politicians houses and kills a group of coal miners in a burning rage (300 people Morty mentions).
  • Meanwhile, Rick and Summer are on the third planet and Rick and Daphne are still in love with one another. Summer’s so annoyed that she ends up destroying the meteor meant to destroy the planet, and Daphne leaves Rick. The two of them leave the planet, but Rick can’t help but admire how “Rick” it was of summer to avert an apocalypse just to ruin Rick’s relationship. Then the two of them share a loving bonding moment. As for Morty and Planetina, the two of them break up with one another and the episode ends as Morty can’t help but cry in his mother’s arms.

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