Rick and Morty Shares First Look at Season 5’s One-Hour Finale

Rick and Morty has shared the first look at Season 5’s special one-hour long season finale coming to Adult Swim! Rumors about a hiatus coming for Season 5 started to swirl when not only was it revealed that no new episode of the Adult Swim animated series would be airing this next Sunday, August 15th but apparently one would not be airing Sunday, August 22nd either. With the debut of Rick and Morty‘s eighth episode of the season, it was confirmed that Season 5 would be taking the rest of August off.

The good news is that while Rick and Morty Season 5 won’t be returning until Sunday, September 5th at 11:00PM EST, it will be returning to finish out the season with a special one-hour long finale episode. As for what we can expect to see from this double length season finale, Adult Swim has dropped the first look at the Season 5 finale (featuring Rick and Morty, of course) that you can check out below as spotted by @swimpedia on Twitter:

One of the major criticisms of Rick and Morty‘s fifth season lobbed by fans has been not only it’s episodic nature not tying into one another, but how it’s been largely separated from the canonical events of the series as a whole. That’s changed with the eighth episode of the season that not only featured the return of Birdperson to the series, but brought out some major canonical reveals and teases for the future of the series.

One interesting thing that has been seen with the fifth season, however, is that Morty and Rick have been further distancing themselves from one another (as Rick finds solace in the rest of the family instead). It seems that this along with the greater inclusion of series’ canon could be coming to a head with this one-hour long season finale. This first look teases a “Rick without Morty” being the major question, and could lead to even bigger reveals to come.

But what do you think of this first look at Rick and Morty‘s Season 5 finale? How would you want to see the season come to an end with its one-hour finale? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!

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