Rick and Morty Showed Off Wild Thanksgiving Special for Season 5

Rick and Morty’s fifth season has finally returned for Episode 6! Season 5 of the Adult Swim animated series has been one of the oddest yet, and frankly has already been fairly divisive with its run thus far. Now that the series has made it halfway through the season, fans have begun to wonder what the series has in mind for its final slate of episodes. Thankfully we did not have to wait several months following the first five episodes like with Season 4, and Adult Swim has gotten right back into the swing of things with the sixth episode.

The first looks at Episode 6 of the series, “Rick & Morty’s Thanksploitation Spectacular,” teased that Rick and Morty would be taking on the National Treasure franchise, but much like the episodes thus far, this was really only the beginning of a special Thanksgiving episode for the season that went to some wild lengths before it all came to an end (just like every episode so far). Read on for the full breakdown of Season 5 Episode 6:

  • Rick and Morty break into a vault in an attempt to steal the United States Constitution, but before they can do so Morty destroys it with a laser that pierces through it and the State of Liberty. It’s revealed that a giant robot assassin has been waiting inside, and is now activated and preparing to attack. It’s here that Rick reveals it’s Thanksgiving. The government then arrives at the Smith house to arrest them.
  • Rick realizes the only way to get out of this is to turn himself into a turkey and get a Presidential pardon, and it’s revealed that he’s done this several times already. Both the President and Rick have planned around one another to counter the turkey plan, and think they have out planned one another. The President then enacts this turkey plan, and several soldiers go undercover and turn themselves into turkeys in a horrific fashion.
  • The soldiers have thus turned into turkeys and are waiting for Rick’s arrival. Rick and Morty have also turned into turkeys, and have broken into the military’s mission while the President is occupied with Rick and Morty decoys. Meanwhile, the President turns himself into a turkey as well and recognizes the Rick and Morty turkeys when they come to a stop.
  • The President refuses to pardon Rick, and they start to fight while the regular turkeys start to go wild within the pen. The President is struck and loses the tracking chip that identified him as a human, and a regular turkey is mistaken for him and turned into grotesque version of the President instead. Rick, Morty, and the President turkeys are then sent into a feeding chamber, which has Franklin D. Roosevelt, who’s actually become a giant spider thanks to secret experiments.
  • Rick and Morty transforms back into humans, and Morty successfully kills the FDR spider. Meanwhile, the Turkey turned President orders the scientists to make the other turkeys human and boost their strength by 1000%. He then makes a speech at the United Nations, and while the real President shows up with Rick and Morty the world leaders believe that the turkey president is the real one and vote to follow him instead.
  • Turkey President reveals his army of super mutant turkeys, but soon the President uses a code word to summon a hover cycle to get them all out of there safely. They return to the Smith household and Rick and President continue fighting. Beth is angered at their fighting, and gets them to stop long enough to sit down and have Thanksgiving dinner.
  • A news report reveals that the Turkey President is now planning to turn all turkeys into super soldiers, and realize that the only way to stop them is in a secret crypt that Rick tried to break into in the beginning of the episode. Soon they recruit the soldiers who had participated in the turkey mission before to help them fight through the waves of turkey soldiers.
  • Rick and Morty arrive in what is referred to as an “unlicensed Star Wars AT-AT,” but it was just a distraction as the human military forces start fighting the turkey soldiers. Rick, Morty, and the President make it into the secret crypt, the Crypt of the New World, and inside it’s revealed that turkeys have been America’s original rulers until a vessel of alien Pilgrims and Indigenous Peoples awaken inside.
  • It’s revealed that their hatred for turkeys had united them before, and soon they all fight. Turkey President fires a missile into the sky that will turn all the turkeys into super soldiers, and Rick and Morty fly into space to try and shut it down while the President and Turkey President fight one another. Morty ends up using the same weapon he used before to accidentally destroy the Constitution and ends up destroying the moon and the missile (which was also a government monument).
  • The President defeats Turkey President and it ends up using its own wish bone to wish for itself to explode. At the end of it all, the United States is caught in flames around them while Morty realizes that all of their Thanksgiving history tradition is pretty much meaningless. Afterwards, the same military soldier goes back to his life and still believes himself to be a turkey following his mission.

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