Rick and Morty’s Newest Episode Tackled Voltron, Anime, Scarface and More

Rick and Morty tackled Voltron, mafia movies, and more anime with the newest episode of the fifth season! The Adult Swim animated series has had brushes with anime in the past with small references here and there over the course of the previous four seasons, but the first look at this newest episode was already exciting because it teased we’d be seeing a lot more anime. Not only that, but Episode 7 of the series was titled “Gotron Jerrysis Rickvangelion” and further emphasized how much more anime we’d get to see from the Rick and Morty world.

Following the first few minutes of Episode 7 of Rick and Morty’s fifth season, it was teased that Rick would get himself involved with a hilarious new kind of Voltron after Rick, Morty, and Summer stumbled on the Blue Gotron Ferret on their way to a hilarious amusement park called “Boob World.” But that was really only the start of an even wilder episode than expected to come. Read on for the full breakdown of the episode:

  • Rick, Morty, and Summer are heading toward Boob World an amusement park they brought along Summer with in order to get a discount on admission. On the way there, Rick stumbles on a moon with the Blue Gotron Ferret, a machine he had been searching for a long time (because it’s final piece of a five machine collection). Morty disappoints him by trying to keep going to Boob World, so Rick ends up hanging out with Summer instead.
  • The three of them then show up at the Smith house in colored suits and recruit Beth and Jerry for help in piloting the five ferrets that form together. They initially refuse because the last time they all did something together it resulted in a giant incest space baby (from Episode 4), but Summer talks them into it, which Rick appreciates and it starts to worry Morty.
  • The Smith Family then all gets into their Gotron suits and an extended sequence starts where they fly through tubes into their five respective colored ferret robots in different locations from around the world. They then fly to another planet, form the full Gotron robot, fight a giant insect, and destroy it with a power sword. But Morty’s narration soon reveals Rick gets hooked on more.
  • Rick gets the idea to recruit other alternate versions of himself with incomplete versions of the Gotron collection for even bigger robots, and while Morty tries to talk him down, Summer convinces him to go for it. He then recruits four other versions of himself to form a coalition of five Smith families, mob style (complete with Scarface and Godfather parody versions of Rick).
  • Rick then suggests they all team up in his universe and allow him to modify each of their Gotrons. The Hot Head Rick decides against it, and tries to get away in his Gotron ferret before it explodes. He vows to come back for his revenge, and they soon replace him with Yo-Yo Rick. The five families then work together to track down all of their universes’ Gotron pieces (and killing the anime pilots along the way when necessary).
  • If an alert went out, all five Gotrons would form and those five Gotrons would form the even bigger GoGotron. Through the fights with space insects, Rick and Summer get closer to one another but Morty realizes that Rick is falling into an obsession of gathering even more Gotrons. Soon, they build a secret casino hideout on one of the planets they cleared insect monsters from to keep them safe.
  • Rick soon becomes too much for Summer to handle, and soon Morty is taken into a limo by a few of the anime pilots who want to take over the Gotron operation from the inside. While Morty is dealing with that and is thrown out by them, the rest of the families all fall apart when Hot Head Rick comes back for his revenge and destroys their Ferrets. The family, angered at Morty, give him money and then disown him.
  • Rick’s still obssessed with getting even more Gotrons, and he soon reveals to Summer that he’s recruited a Gotron pilot from a temp agency (the same one who tried to get Rick to turn on his family). Meanwhile, Beth and Jerry are fired by Summer, and Summer reveals she was fired by Rick as well as they all realized they were only all trying to make Rick happy.
  • Summer reveals that she’s been messed up all this time because of her giant incest baby, and explains that she’s been heading to a secret base on Mars and has been communicating with the baby. She was supposed to turn him into a weapon for the government, but ended up helping him escape. When Morty realizes Rick has replacement them with anime people, he knows Rick is in danger.
  • When Rick and the anime people form the GoGotron, they take over and start attacking Rick. To save him, the Smith family then arrives riding on the incest space baby, now named Naruto, and wreck the Gotron. Morty and Summer save Rick successfully, and they go back to regular life. The insect space monsters still attack and kill millions everyday, however. In the post-credits scene it’s revealed that the insects are actually coming to Earth on peace keeping missions but a morphed into giant monsters when they go through a portal.

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